Barrel Dawg

Blues & Roots

With all the rumble of an old Holden V8, Barrel Dawg is known for their live shows and they are the real deal! Mella backs her storytelling vocals with a variety of instruments, from bluegrass style banjo and acoustic guitar to swampy slide guitar played on cigar box with distortion cranked to the max. Mella also keeps the rhythm percussion thumping by tapping and stomping on the old timber box. This is raw Aussiecanna / country blues & roots like no other,

Covers & Originals

Solo, Duo or Band

You can catch my live streams on:

Facebook Live and Twitch

Mella can provide individual tuition or group workshops in Cigar Box Guitar basics. Learn how the fundamentals so you can start playing. We are also available for live performances from 30 mins to 1:30 min.

About my skills and experience:

Mella has over 5 years experience in Learning & Development, Instructional Design and providing training in an online environment. She is also a competent singer/songwriter and guitar player with a passion for CBG.