"A collective of musicians collaborating to help live music to thrive in the Mid North Coast region."

Our Committee Members are:

  • Brian Heywood (Nominated for Club Chairperson)

  • Mella Miante (Nominated for Vice Chairperson)

  • James Schaeffer (Nominated for Treasurer)

  • Club Secretary (no nominations at present)

  • David Miante (nominated as a committee member)

  • Dawn Moore (nominated as a committee member) 

We need volunteers

Want to get involved with the club, we would love to have you!  Please contact us.


 The club is a collective of musicians collaborating to help live music to thrive in the Mid North Coast.  Some of our objectives include:

  • initiatives to increase performance opportunities for local musicians.

  • Improve support for underrepresented groups such as original artists, youth and indigenous musicians.

  • Provide professional advocacy / representation (a united voice) and work with local council, venues and other community organisations.

  • Support  our members with resources & training.

  • Embrace music diversity.

  • Share information relevant to musicians.

  • Encourage original music.

  • Provide a booking services for local musicians and help to regulate fees.

We have recently established a committee and plan to register as a non-for-profit organisation.  We are still seeking committee members , so if you feel you can contribute please contact us.

The club is free to join at present, however will cost a small annual fee in the future once we become an incorporated non-for profit organisation.

The Club is proudly supported by Live2U & GigFixx

Join Club Muso on Facebook, but first rule of Club Muso is you MUST be a musician or in the music industry (excluding booking agents - unless you are a musician)

Club Muso Mid North Coast 

Current HeadQuarters

Live2U - 24 Swift St,

Port Macquarie NSW  2444

Phone: 0427032345

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